• Teresa Gavin

Top Stock Calming Detox Works Wonders

I train and race Arabian Race Horses and have been using Top Stock Formula for a year now. I was particularly interested in calming a mare that was prone to being very highly strung and stressed. It took several weeks for the formula to build up in her system but her attitude became noticeably calmer. She became more rational and started taking situations much more in her stride. I was also very aware of a considerable difference in how much shinier the horses coat became. Her hooves grew more & became much healthier than before. My initial apprehension was if the product would deter performance but I'm delighted to say my mare won first time out by an incredible 10 lengths so any reservations about that had been completely diminished! I did check before using TopStock if the product complied with UK racing standards and was assured it was. My mare was drug tested after her race and came back clear. I have had fantastic customer support from this company & would definitely recommend their product as I have been nothing short of delighted with the results. Teresa Gavin Arabian Race Horse Trainer.

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