• Jeremy Darvill

Calming detox keeps Piri on track

Just thought I would send you a wee update on Piri! He is doing fantastic! Since coming home from my mums property about 10 days ago I have been able to monitor his progress a lot closer and the difference Topstock has made is just incredible! From a very unhappy, super stressed horse who couldn't even manage to eat his hard feed let alone graze without having continual "episodes" of flicking to having our second ride in many months! In general an all round happier horse. He can now manage his flicks, generally only when putting his bridle on interestingly, but hacks out freely and willingly with no episodes at all and only the occasional flick here and there. You really wouldn't know that a mere 4-5 weeks ago he was a chronic head flicker who wasn't coping well at all and we were facing the very real possibility of having him put to sleep as at the time it seemed the kindest thing for him. He has gotten his appetite back aswell! Now scoffing back every last bit of feed in his bin morning and night, and happily grazes as normal 24/7. He has piled his weight back on, his coat is lovely and shiny and he has that bright spark and love for life back in his eyes. Thank you so much for getting us started on Topstock, I truly feel had we not been recommended it, Piri would have been put to sleep by now.. every day I have with my boy is a blessing and I now feel we are getting back on track and look forward to a brighter future ☺ onwards and upwards from here! Will keep in touch.

Kindest regards, Deanna Clarke

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