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Excellent for gaining condition. The only supplement required for good health.  Our customers have told us how incredible the results are, check our testimonials or add your story to our forum.


For beautifully healthy coats and hoofs, increased immune system power, improved performance - the difference  is visible. 

This product comes highly recommended.  Clinically proven to reduce headshaking in horses, this product has proved highly effective in reducing the symptoms of this debilitating syndrome.   Our testimonials say it all! 


Contains antioxidants and vitamin concentrations that help target over active nerve tissues in equines to reduce the prevalence and intensity of headshaking. Check our page specifically designed for Head Shaking horse owners at for more information.

Blended to achieve a calming effect on horses and ponies in time of stress, anxiety, or when travelling and showing.


This product works to help a horse perform at its best, keeping them happy and calm.   Blended to calm excitable horses, with amazing results. 

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Dosage: Loading dose 30-35ml twice daily, am and pm, reducing to 20-25ml twice daily, am and pm, depending of size and weight of horse or pony