Imagine that the building blocks of life are a town. To build that town you have to get the right kind of bricks and material to the right places at the right time - To build life you need vitamins and minerals in the right place. This is where aminos come in. They are targeted to convey these essential building blocks to the cells that require them. In other words, they are lorries that take the building blocks of life to their required destination.


Therefore, if you can control this process by blending the right amount of aminos with the right amount of minerals and other essential substances designed for health, you can target specific areas or cells. we all know that minerals and vitamins have many varied and different jobs in building and maintaining the cells that give us life. So once you have those in place you need to draw on them as required.

The easiest way for the digestion system to absorb vitamins and minerals is in liquid form, and that is why one of the keys to our uniqueness is that our blending process starts and ends in its original liquid form, making it immediately acessible to the animal.

  Top Stock is unique in the market and makes no compromises during its blending process.