We are a family run manufacturer of organic based liquid supplements.

We expertly blend deep sea kelp with carefully balanced vitamins and minerals so that your horse gets all the nutrients he will ever need.   our products are natural, environmentally friendly and show incredible results.

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Made using the world's richest source of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals:

D E E P    S E A    K E L P

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Top Stock is a family run company that manufactures a wide range of organic based stock and equine supplements called Performance Plus Top Stock. The company has grown from its roots in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand and now provides the finest organic based products worldwide. The range is designed to maximise animal health and is developed using only the best cold water deep sea kelp, specifically blended in our New Zealand plant.


The company was founded by farmer and inventor Garth Carpenter in 1987, who remains very active within the organisation to this day. He is passionate about maximising animal health using the amazing nutrient capability of deep sea kelp. Garth continues to oversee the blending and production processes.


Jillian Carpenter has long been involved in the equine world, being an accomplished Eventer, BHS (British Horse Society) instructor and RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) instructor, whom Top Stock continues to support.


Top Stock Europe is headed by Jeremy Darvill, Jillian’s brother, and himself an accomplished show jumper. Based in Taunton, Somerset, Top Stock Europe is ideally situated to serve its ever expanding market.

TOP STOCK EQUINE FORMULAS have been widely tested in clinical trials by veterinary pharmacologists and by many riders and horse owners and they have proved to be highly effective in improving health, condition and happiness in horses.   An essential breakthrough has been in finding a blend that helps horses with the debilitating ailment of headshaking.


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